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"Englische Bachblüten" under "HEILARBEIT > BACHBLÜTEN"
"Australische Buschblüten" under "HEILARBEIT > BUSCHBLÜTEN"

"Wairua Essenzen" (Wairua Essences) under "HEILARBEIT > WAIRUA ESSENZEN"


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"Räuchermischung" (Incense mixture) under "RITUALARBEIT > RÄUCHERWERK"

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Wairua Services - Shamanism & Spirituality

Wairua Praxis Singing Bowl

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I offer my spiritual products and services internationally:


Switzerland (German ❉ CHF)

www.wairua-praxis.ch - www.wairua-praxis.li

Delivery to: Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


European Union (German ❉ €)

www.wairua-praxis.de - www.wairua-praxis.at - www.wairua-praktijk.nl

Delivery to: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


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